Tsuki Japanese cafe

Tsuki Japanese Cafe

At Tsuki, we offer the most authentic food in Dubai, Designed for sharing, originating in Japanese inns with dishes designed to be shared by friends and family. 

ツキジャパニーズカフェ ツキジャパニーズカフェ


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In a relaxed, stylish setting, our customers can enjoy delicious food served with a smile by our fantastic team

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Pizza Toast

Egg Toast

Avocado Toast

Strawberry Jam
& Butter

Tuna Sando

Azuki Butter

Blueberry jam
& Butter

Egg Avocado

Authentic Atmosphere

We invite you to enjoy this unique place that combines traditional restaurant with an atmosphere that pays tribute to the glorious culture of the region.

Who We Are

Tsuki Japanese Cafe in Dubai has been recognized for its outstanding Japanese Cafe, excellent service and friendly staff.